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Mission Impossible 7

Filming has officially begun on ‘Mission Impossible 7’

An important part of recovering from any trauma similar to, say, a global pandemic, is a sense of normalcy, wherever one can find it. So, naturally it’s without any further ado that we can confirm that one part of life has at least returned to normal; that part being that somewhere, in some exotic location, Tom Cruise is risking life and limb for our entertainment via the unstoppable Mission Impossible franchise.

Confirmation that filming had begun on the spy action epic came from the very reputable source of the film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, who took to Instagram to share the news, using an impressive and terrifying photo from the set to add all the more impact.

The post is simply captioned “Action” and bears the hashtag #MI7 – all the information we needed at this point to get sufficiently excited for the hard-fought follow up to 2018’s Mission Impossible: Fallout. Indeed, since production was set to begin in February, 2020, MI7 has earned the label of the little film that couldn’t. Production in Italy was quickly shut down due to the onset of the global pandemic.

The wheels are well and truly in motion now, with the eye-opening stunt ramp not just being built but tested, with footage emerging that is said to feature the man himself, Tom Cruise, rocketing off the ramp on a motorbike before effortlessly parachuting into the mountain valley below.

For a film that has technically just begun filming, we know a fair bit about MI7 already. It will see McQuarrie return to the director’s chair, no doubt thanks to his extremely successful outings on 2015’s Rogue Nation as well as Fallout. This is an interesting takeaway as it appears the franchise, which made a habit of using a different director each outing (MI:I with Brian De Palma, MI:II with John Woo, MI:III with JJ Abrams and Ghost Protocol with Brad Bird for those playing at home) is no longer doing that thing.

The film is also slated for a worldwide release in November 2021. There have also been reports that Cruise has rented out legit, full-sized cruise ships for production.

The scale of things appears to be huge, even for the regularly huge and fantastic franchise. Safe to say, the ramp in the below image – impressive and terrifying though it may be – will be nothing to the film’s pièce de résistance.

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Action… #MI7 Day 1

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