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Farmers Want To Send Jona Weinhofen To Shearing School


Recently I Killed The Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen pissed off a lot of people with his PETA campaign accusing the wool industry of cruel mistreatment of their sheep. The poster of Weinhofen holding the carcass of a bloody lamb (which turned out to be a foam prop) with the words “Here’s the rest of your wool coat” led to the Victorian Farming Federation lodging an official complaint with the Advertising Standards Bureau, a stouch with Barnaby Joyce (Minister for Agriculture) and a tirade of abuse on Twitter. Now WAFarmers have injected themselves into the debate by starting a crowdfunding campaign to send Weinhofen to shearing school for a “hands-on education about the Australian Wool Industry”.

The campaign is trying to raise $4,500 – the cost of sending someone with no prior experience to shearing school. Nine days in, 70 people have chucked in $3,282. With 73 percent of the goal raised and 12 days to go, it looks like Weinhofen is going back to school.

  • Courtney

    he should pay for it himself! That way he can “back up” what he claims the farming industry does, or does not do! That money would be better off going to the farmers who need it!

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