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Fall Out Boy’s Next Project Is A Crazy Ambitious Short Film

Fall Out Boy

Another day, another story about post-hiatus Fall Out Boy doing some cray shit. In this episode: an excitingly ambitious short film and multimedia packet tentatively titled Bloom.

Over the weekend, bassist/honourary frontman Pete Wentz took to Snapchat to vibe on the next major project from the seminal noughties pop-punk foursome, and, following 2015’s intensely lacklustre American Beauty/American Psycho and the steady decline of their re-ignited relevancy that followed, it actually sounds pretty interesting.

“We wanted to do something that was compelling and experiential where there was stuff to wear, stuff to look at and stuff to experience,” he said. “But most importantly, I wanted to tell the narrative that sometimes, the hard shit you go through makes you stronger. You guys inspire us, so we wanted to do something that was inspiring and uplifting, and hopefully resonates.”

He then posted a selfie using the filter that makes your face look like a cartoon duck.

The band utilised their headline slot at this year’s Reading festival to debut elements of Bloom, performing in front of a flowerbed backdrop with (what we’re assuming is) a snippet of the film opening the show. In an interview with DIY, Wentz stated that Fall Out Boy’s festival set was an accompaniment to their forthcoming project.

“The idea is that it’s a companion piece for a short film – some of which we’ll play before our set,” he said. “It’s all about how sometimes you have to crack a pavement before you can bloom, and that the hard shit doesn’t have to break you, it can make you a stronger person. It all kinda fits together, if it all runs smoothly!

“I think that we live in such an interesting time for art and we wanted to create something that was experiential for people.”

Wentz also noted that the AB/AP era is now over, with their Reading set clocking in as the last ever live performance to ride on its hype. New music was explicitly mentioned, but whether that has to do with Bloom is still up in the air. Given the trend set by artists like Beyonce and Frank Ocean lately, let us be the first to say we’d be 100% A-OK with a FOB visual album.

So long as it’s not exclusive to Apple Music.

Suss some footage of Pete talking about Bloom on Snapchat below!

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