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Ever Wanted To Learn The Hardest Song On Guitar Hero?

Chris Zoupa

Some of us are mere mortals, and then there are people like Chris Zoupa. You may not have stumbled across Zoupa’s YouTube channel before, but the Melbourne-based guitarist and songwriter is a bit of a whiz with an axe in his hand, and knows a thing or two about sharing the secrets of his craft. From shredding tips and tricks to a blow-by-blow of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” solo, Zoupa is all about turning you into a metal maestro.

If you’re anything like us and have slaved over Guitar Hero with no discernible musical talent, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the DragonForce power metal classic, “Through The Fire And The Flames”, on the third installment of the game is a near-impossible feat crafted by wizards who just want to watch the world burn. Or Herman Li and Sam Totman, take your pick. That being said, if you’ve got a spare half-hour and just a wee bit of know-how when it comes to a six-string, Zoupa has done the hard yards and put together an instructional video to help you nail that shred-a-thon. There’s even a handy guitar tab for you to download.

Speaking of the track Zoupa said, “This solo (or solos) was exceptionally hard to transcribe. If I could liken its difficultly to anything it’d be like trying to urinate accurately, whilst sneezing with morning wood… So if you’re going to be a dick about [it] and say things like, ‘That’s not exactly perfect’ or ‘They play it differently live’, I want you to know I don’t care and I will not hesitate to call you a dick sandwich.”

You heard the man.

Watch Chris Zoupa’s step-by-step guide for playing “Through The Fire And The Flames” below.

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