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Dropkick Fan Spits On Frontman Tom Araya At Recent Slayer Gig


Each year over 100,000 pop culture enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to San Diego to nerd out over the latest news and gizmos that Comic-Con has to offer. This year birthed some positively epic trailers (Wonder Woman, Justice League, Kong: Skull Island, Suicide Squad – we can’t keep up!) and juicy news for Pokémon Go fans. What you may not know is that this year’s event also included a performance from none other than Slayer.

Following the close of proceedings last Thursday, the legendary thrash metallers played an intimate set at the House Of Blues, which came to a momentary halt when a fan spat on frontman Tom Araya. And yes, there’s a video.

Araya, clearly relishing his time on stage and thanking the crowd for their attendance, was stopped in his tracks when a fan seemingly hocked up a loogie and spat on him. Someone who paid to attend a Slayer show actually saw fit to spit on the lead singer. Suffice to say, Araya was having none of it.

The “Raining Blood” singer attempted to get to the bottom of things, questioning the fan again and again as to why he’d actually do such a thing, before evidently growing tired of his nonsense and having the guy removed from the venue. How the “fan” (we’re using that term loosely) thought spitting on one of metal’s forefathers would end well for him is beyond us, but it happened and will be forever immortalised in the depths of YouTube.

Araya isn’t the only metal singer to have a fan ejected from a gig recently, with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor kicking a disrespectful fan out of a show in Toronto just last week.

Can’t we all just get along?

Skip to 1.48 to watch Slayer’s Tom Araya get spat on at their recent Comic-Con show.

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