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Dave Grohl Gets Savage With Muppet In Epic Drum-Off

Dave Grohl-Animal

Of all the unusual circumstances Dave Grohl has found himself in – and he certainly isn’t a stranger to the occasional ‘what the fuck?’ moment – none could have prepared him for this. While the Foo Fighters frontman can usually be found churning out surprise EPs, delivering killer stadium shows, or rickrolling the Westboro Baptist Church, he can now add “drum battling a creature that’s not quite a mop and not quite a puppet” to his list of achievements.

In a recent episode of The Muppets, the multi-instrumentalist came face to face with the Disney property’s resident skin-tapper, Animal, for what will undeniably go down in history as The Greatest Drum-Off Of All Time. Seven years in Nirvana. 21 years in Foo Fighters. Countless side-projects and other media appearances – all of Grohl’s experience to date has merely been practice, leading up to this very moment. Verdict? REKT.

Take a look at the ultimate showdown below.


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