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Customs Officials Made Red Hot Chili Peppers Autograph Metallica Merch


If you’ve ever criticised someone for not being a real fan, redirect all of your frustration to the customs officials of Belarus. Those guys are phonies. They literally made the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sign, as bassist Flea described, “a bunch of Metallica’s cd’s and photos”.

“We tried to explain to them that we weren’t Metallica but they insisted that we sign anyway,” he sadly said in a post to Instagram. “I love Metallica anyways but I’m no Robert Trujillo”.  He did acknowledge that one time he played “Fight Fire With Fire” with Metallica. Maybe the customs officials had only ever seen that one video? Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett tweeted in response to the wild mix-up, insightfully saying: “Ha !!” At least he’s finding it funny.

ICMYI: Red Hot Chilli Peppers released their eleventh full-length, The Getaway, last month. If you are actually a fan of Metallica, a German newspaper downright mysteriously reported their new record would be unveiled on October 14th. If you’re a Metallica diehard, here’s a pro-tip: next time you buy some rare, signed Metallica merch off eBay, cross-check the signatures, will ya? Just in case.

Check out Flea’s Instagram post and cringe a little bit below.


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