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Cobra Starship Have Broken Up; Apparently They Hadn’t Already?

Cobra Starship

Before the world fell in love with Twenty One Pilots, it was Cobra Starship that stood at the forefront of both the pop and alternative scenes. They reeled the mainstream in with synth-pop numbers like “Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester) ” and “You Make Me Feel…” – the latter of which scored a 3x Platinum certification – and got their foot in the Warped Tour door with pop rock piledrivers “The Church Of Hot Addiction” and “Guilty Pleasure”.

Once a household name across the globe, the band have fizzled out in recent years, lost two members (guitarist Ryland Blackinton and bassist Alex Suarez), and released their last single “Never Been In Love” at the end of last year to virtually no audience. While the New York band were planning to come back stronger this year with a fifth full-length, it appears they’ve thrown in the towel and admitted defeat, officially announcing their break-up today.

“After many incredible years, I’m making the difficult decision to close the book on Cobra Starship,” wrote frontman Gabe Saporta in a blog post. “If you stop reading this now, I want to say thank you if you’ve ever supported Cobras in any way. Whether you came to our shows and bought merch, or simply listened to a track and shared it with a friend, you allowed us to live out the most incredible adventure, and I am eternally grateful for that.”

While we’re definitely sad to see one of our high school faves bite the dust, we can’t say we couldn’t see it coming. Another day, another mid-’00s band falling into obscurity.

Relive the good ol’ days with Cobra Starship’s breakout single “The City Is At War”.

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