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Closure In Moscow Are Stranded In London

Closure In Moscow

And here we were, thinking we might be able to go a week without a band getting their shit stolen.

The latest victims of a Grand Theft Acoustic have been Melbourne weirdcore rockers Closure In Moscow, who had their passports, clothes, laptops and equipment pinched while they were off shredding to a sold out crowd. As low as that sounds already, it gets worse. The band are currently in the middle of their European headlining tour, and without their passports, seem to be stuck in London. The news hit just a couple of hours ago, as the band posted the following to their Facebook page:

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 6.57.37 PM

We’re not too sure if the band give much of a shit about what we have to say, but we here at BLUNT sincerely hope they’re able to reunite with their belongings as quickly as possible.

Send the boys your good vibes while you jam out to their very ironically titled single “Happy Days”.

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