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Cattle Decapitation Announce New Album, Drop New Single In One Fell Swoop

Cattle Decapitation

Long-standing deathgrind forerunners Cattle Decapitation have gifted us with the double whammy of a new single and the announcement of their seventh studio album. The Anthropocene Extinction was recorded with producer Dave Otero (the man behind their 2012 release Monolith Of Inhumanity) and will be out on August 7th through Metal Blade Records.

The album’s first cut, “Manufactured Extinct”, which you can check out below, delivers a pulverising dose of the band’s trademark darkly atmospheric, blast-heavy extreme metal.

“I feel that something rare happens with our band in that we get better and better with each release rather than going in the opposite direction, which happens to a lot of bands,” states vocalist Travis Ryan. “As we get older we feel we have less and less to lose, which is freeing, and we really want to go as far out on a limb as we can without losing the extremity that has always driven us.”

The Anthropocene Extinction is out August 7 through Metal Blade.

The Anthropocene Extinction Pre-Order Bundles.

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