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Cancer Bats Frontman Shaves Head After Raising Over $13K For Cancer Foundation


If today’s Channel [V] news boiled your blood and the Shovel Metal made you wanna mosh, here’s some news that’ll downright melt your heart. Liam Cormier – vocalist and all-round strewth guy for Canadian (of course) hardcore heroes Cancer Bats – has shaved his head.

That’s not much of a story, we know, but it’s the reason behind Cormier’s endeavours to become the best skinhead with a scathing scream that have us applauding the bloke. Not only has he donated all of his beautiful, flowing locks to kids going through chemotherapy, he’s also raised – though the wondrous generosity of the hardcore community – $13,748.66 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.


Pretty fucking sick (in the ‘your mate just pulled off a backflip’ awesome kind of way, not the other way), right!? Even though his hair is off to the hospitals, Cormier is still accepting donations for the Foundation. Click here to chuck in some spare change!

Check out the video for Cancer Bats’ “Beelzebub” below!

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