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Brendon Urie Joins Halsey At Coachella For Panic! At The Disco Cover

Image via Twitter/Brendon Urie.

In what can only be described as the ultimate collision between mid-2000’s MySpace culture and mid-2010’s Tumblr culture, electropop goddess Halsey has joined baroque pop luminary Brendon Urie (a.k.a. Panic! At The Disco) onstage.

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“When I was a kid, there was one band, one band that changed my fucking life,” Halsey (real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) enthused before welcoming Urie to the stage. “The reason I am a musician today, and a band that will always be in my heart!” During her Coachella set, the pair performed Halsey’s breakthrough hit “New Americana”, before slamming into the official Emo Anthem – Panic!’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”.

In a recent interview with FUSE, Urie was asked who he hopes to collaborate with on future albums. “Halsey’s another one,” he said. “I got to meet her and she’s a phenomenal performer. She is such a good singer, has such a good message, she’s so good onstage, charismatic.”

Halsey’s debut full-length, Badlands, was released last August – riding on the hype of 2014’s Room 93 EP and her indomitable army of Tumblr devotees, the opus skyrocketed her to immediate popularity and international stardom. Panic! At The Disco also released their fifth LP, Death Of A Bachelor, in January ’16 – similarly successful, we gave the disc 4.5 B’s and still spin it daily.

Watch a video of Halsey performing “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” with Panic! At The Disco below!

  • Cathy Munson

    Sold out. Does this even exist anymore? The reference, for those uninitiated, is to bow down to corporate America. Please correct me if I am wrong…

    • Matt Doria

      So… Like… What the fuck does this have to do with the article?

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