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BREAKING: Foo Fighters Just Trolled Absolutely Everyone

Foo Fighters

We’ll give it to you straight: the Foo Fighters just FOOled absolutely everyone. Yesterday the band announced via social media that there would be an “Official band announcement tomorrow night. Stay tuned.” Since it kind of read like a “We need to talk” text from your partner, everyone from fans to nearly every media outlet under the sun immediately assumed the worst.

With drummer Taylor Hawkins mentioning in an interview back in January that the Foos might consider a hiatus (or an “ihateus”), tabloids quickly jumped on the notion that frontman Dave Grohl was either going solo; an ihateus was nigh; or, heaven forbid, the band were breaking up for good. We’d also be lying if we said we didn’t have this gif at the ready.

The funny thing about having millions upon millions of fans on social media is that news tends to travel pretty damn fast. The announcement? Turns out Grohl and the gang were just being their classic wacky selves. With millions of eyes on them, the Foos shared a YouTube link, and it’s a brilliant spoof video starring the band, producer Butch Vig, and a ’90s pop star making fun of their recent breakup/Dave G solo rumours. We won’t say which pop star, because that will actually spoil the fun.

But we will mention that at the end of the video, the Foos hit us with this message: “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo!”

So there you have it. One of the biggest rock bands in the world are not breaking up, and took great pleasure in everyone thinking they were.

Watch the Foo Fighters troll everyone in their spoof video below.

  • steve

    the ‘one finger’ he kept referring to,maybe us?

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