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BREAKING: Blink-182 To Reunite With Tom DeLonge; Will Now Tour As A Four-Piece


In an unexpected turn of events, Blink-182 have today announced that they will reunite with estranged guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge for their upcoming US tour this September and scheduled recording in August.

Current co-frontman Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) will apparently remain in the band as rhythm guitarist for both the tour and recording, being described by bass player/co-frontman Mark Hoppus as, “the glue that has helped put this punk rock battleship back together”.

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In a statement released on the band’s Facebook page today, Hoppus announced that they were “ready to sail again” and that “this would be the definitive tour and album for Blink-182: it’s going to our White Album moment but with a few dick jokes, y’know, for the fans.”

Delonge added that he had successfully been able to negotiate with the remaining members and “agree on a style that would suit all of us”, adding that “I never wanted the band to be U2 but I can’t make another Dude Ranch in my 40s”.

The band also announced the title of the album will be Don’t Get Upset About Fake Articles On Valentine’s Day, You Big Doofus and the band will tour in a 80-metre custom-made bus shaped like a gigantic Shetland Pony under the supervision of former Vice President Al Gore, hoping to raise awareness for climate change and various small horse-based diseases.

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