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BLUNT’s Own Auntie Slatts Is A Film Star Now

A Real Buzz-main

When your dear old Auntie Slatts isn’t doling out questionable advice to the BLUNT readership, or, you know, getting around the country as King Parrot’s intrepid bass player, she’s honing her acting chops for the next logical leap: film superstardom.

Slatts recently starred in the award-winning short film A Real Buzz, which follows Gay Paris bassist Dean Podmore’s character Dan, a deadbeat flatmate who’s facing imminent eviction. He enlists as the test subject for a wacky market research session and… well, we don’t want to spoil it, so you can see for yourself below.

The film, which was directed by Lachlan Marks, premiered at Canada’s Shärt International Comedy Film Festival earlier this year and picked up an Award of Merit in the online Best Short Competition.

This could be the start of something truly beautiful, friends.

Watch Auntie Slatts’ first foray into the world of film below.

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