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Behold the unfiltered fury that is Deathbeds’ new single

Something wicked this way comes, with some furious shockwaves emitting from the nation’s capital and Deathbeds standing smack bam in the epicentre. Today, the group has clocked us with a solid one-two combo, announcing their debut album Sinner, and sending forth a new single from the release, ‘What’s Yours Is Mine And What’s Mine Is Mine’.

Sinner, by both name and nature, takes its cues from the capital vices that plague humanity, being the Seven Deadly Sins. A concept record at heart, Sinner promises to explore the notion of misdeeds and misadventures through the filter of crushing breakdowns, rapid-fire riffage and guttural growls.

‘What’s Yours Is Mine And What’s Mine Is Mine’ runs the gamut of the album, giving us insight into its brutality while taking on the seemingly insurmountable concept of ‘greed’. The blistering chaos of the track is juxtaposed throughout with shimmering moments of bliss provided by a delicate cascade of keys and the otherworldly vocals of keyboardist Kit Samin.

To bring ‘What’s Yours Is Mine’ to life, Deathbeds made use of a rare commodity in the enigmatic Misstiq, known throughout the land as a straight-up heavy music savant, who’s fingerprints can be found all throughout the impending new record. If you’re unfamiliar with Misstiq’s previous efforts, well, that’s your afternoon activities sorted.

Speaking to the new single’s message, Deathbeds say “this single is about the main antagonist taking everything from his people and being overcome with greed when the track ends with the words ‘A worthless throne built from sweat and bone, From the people who made him whole’. The single shows how different our sound has progressed since just last year, and we wanted to show off Kit’s powerfully contrasting vocals too. We’re really proud and excited to share what’s to come!”

The outfit and their new album started turning heads last year, with the release of first warning shot, ‘Biggest Sin of All’. Already, even without the rest of the album, these two tracks are enough to send a shiver down the spine of all those who consider themselves the band’s peers.

Sinner is primed to hit shelves on Friday the 13th of March through the brand spankin’ new imprint Collision Course Records, helped by the same cats that brought us Collision Course PR, some good times, and some injury-invoking headbanging.

Hot off the heels of the release date, the band will be hitting the East Coast highways for a run of headline dates.

Deadbeds East Coast Tour Dates

W/ Teeth + more supports TBA
Tickets on sale Friday, 31st January

Friday 13th March
The Basement, Canberra
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday 19th March
Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Tickets: Oztix

Friday 20th March
The Burdekin Hotel, Sydney*
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday 26th March
Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne
Tickets: Oztix

*Teeth Not Appearing