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Beartooth Are Teasing Something Aggressive

Beartooth 2016
Photo by Myriam Santos.

Ohio metalcore act Beartooth have been absolute shit-stirrers this week, teasing what we’re 99% sure can only be an upcoming full-length. The band, whose 2014 album Disgusting saw unprecedented worship from moshers the scene over, posted a short teaser that you can view below.

Needless to say, the one-minute clip doesn’t give much away. It’s also got the makings of a horror movie snippet. Gore? Check. Creepy voices? Check. Confusing? Double check. Telling? Not at all. The reddit rumour mill was in full swing a few days ago with a post suggesting that Aggressive will be with us on June 3rd.

What we can tell you for sure is that Beartooth are certainly recording a new something and it won’t be long til we get to hear frontman Caleb Shomo’s gut busting vocals once more. In line with the information blackout, they’ve even gone as far as to blank out their profile pictures. Real revealing, guys.  

Check out Beartooth’s ominous AF teaser below.

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