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Aussie Pop-Punk Band Learn The Hard Way: Don’t Try Opening A Beer With A Machete

Nerdlinger + beer + knife = hospital

Okay, warning: this is not for the squeamish!

On a recent tour of New Zealand with locals Streetlight Riot, bass player for Sydney pop-punks Nerdlinger, Scott McNairn found himself in a situation many have been in before: it was three AM, they’d gotten back from a gig, cold beer was ready to go but nobody had a bottle-opener. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the closest kitchen knife available – a great big ugly one described by other band members as “basically a machete”– and gave it a crack.

“When it slipped from my hand and ran across my thumb it managed to cut to the bone and then some,” McNairn explained in a recent Facebook post. Members from Streetlight Riot quickly sterilised the wound and called an ambulance, which resulted in an hour-and-a-half drive from Ragland to the closest hospital in Hamilton. The news wasn’t great.

“I’d cut through the tendon in my thumb and was referred to the plastics ward in Auckland.”

Nerdlinger accident

Auckland would prove to be a serious detour from the tour, so the band played their show that night anyways, a mere seven hours away in Wellington, and then dropped Scotty off for surgery the next day. Post-surgery he was able to complete the tour, acting only as singer with Cameron Brookes, bass player from Streetlight Riot, filling in. Now back in Sydney he faces up to three months of recovery, with Divider’s bass player Paul Anderson currently training up to fill in for the remaining shows Nerdlinger have booked.

The kicker? It was a twist top.

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