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Apparently Only 35 Of You Want A New BrokenCYDE Record


A whole 35 people.

Hands up who remembers BrokenCYDE? For those of you who don’t, BrokenCYDE are a crunkcore duo from New Mexico, who are responsible for that whole debacle of a genre. Go on, refresh your memory, we’ll wait.

Did you see that? Over 9 million views. Let that fact sink in for a minute.

Anyway, in December 2014 BrokenCYDE decided it was time for a comeback and launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to foot the bill for a new crunkcore masterpiece. All they needed to make it happen was $30,000.

The campaign is over and the world has spoken. Only 35 of you wanted a new BrokenCYDE record. A whole 35 people. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.14.00 PM

As it stands, BrokenCYDE only managed to raise $1,421 – that’s less than 5% of their goal. Not even 3,000 of their 695,715 Facebook fans were willing to swing them a tenner to make this happen. Actually, one person did fork over $10 for an early download of the new album.

As amusing as this situation is, it’s also really depressing to think that a band who once found themselves in the Billboard Top 200 chart with viral videos for days can’t even convince their own fans to help them keep the dream alive.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.14.36 PM

 Err, guys, you might want to rethink that slogan.

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