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Anthrax’s Scott Ian Shows Age; Says Internet Has “Devalued” Music

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Internet, start your arguments! Legendary thrash metal shredder Scott Ian (who you might know as that one dude from that one band, Anthrax) has yet again come out with some controversial statements – two days ago, he caused a digital shitstorm for referring to the US Presidential Election as a “circus”. That statement may have been agreeable to most, but today’s proclamation might be a little more “old man scared of technology’s evolution” than “prolific wizard of all things insightful”.

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Speaking in an interview exclusive to Anthrax’s record label, Nuclear Blast, Ian claimed that, given the option, he’d like to shut the internet down – y’know, for music’s sake! He offered the following statement: “…There are people out there who will buy something quality. In a very, very small way metal bands like us – Iron Maiden, Slayer, AC/DC – you know, bands that have been doing it for so long, and have built and maintained an audience. You can say in a lot of ways, on a much smaller level, we have the same thing. We have our fans who will go out and buy our records – granted, we don’t have 20 million of them.

But our fans are very loyal and very strong, and they want that physical product. I think that’s great. And that’s why I would say I wish, if there was that option, to have the internet go away. I just think the experience for everybody, when it comes to music, would be that much better. The internet has devalued music to the point where people just think that you can have it for free – it shouldn’t be that way. If I had the option to make all of the internet go away – like, let’s say I could go like that [snaps fingers] and it’s like it never existed, and we never knew we had it – I would choose that, ’cause it would be much better for the music business.”


Pictured: Scott Ian, guitarist of legendary thrash band Anthrax.

Ian makes some solid points, no doubt, but to deny that the internet has also had an insanely enormous impact on the way people find and consume music – for the better – would be nothing short of hilarious. Anthrax released their eleventh studio album For All Kings just last week, and is available for streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify… Oh, and you can purchase it too, if you feel so inclined.

Watch Scott Ian riff on the “Adele Phenomena” below!

For All Kings is out now via Nuclear Blast
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | Webstore | iTunes

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