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An Entire Festival Of Doughnuts Is Coming To Sydney This Weekend

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Splendour In The Grass may have just finished, but don’t worry, Australia’s biggest and best festival is yet to come.

Doughnuts are unquestionably one of humanity’s greatest achievements – an argument only refuted by those who’ve never experienced such life-altering sugariness. Much like the recent burger trend and spike in grandiose milkshakes, the perfect pastry has found itself in the centre of a culture boom – in Sydney alone, we’ve got Doughnut Time, Brewtown, Donut Papi and at least a dozen more… And for one day only, all of them will unite for what we can only describe as The Definitive Festival™.

Day Of The Doughnut is going down this Saturday in Surry Hills – entry will only run you $2, and kids under 12 get in free. There’s also no limit on the amount of doughnuts one punter is allowed to buy, so… Keep an eye out for us being total sugar hoarders.

Where? 1-47 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills (Sydney).
When? Saturday, July 30th. 8:30am until doughnuts are sold out / Team BLUNT fights Team Hysteria for the last bearclaw.
Why? There is a God. He likes sprinkles.

Pictured below: us on Saturday.

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