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AJ Maddah Is Hinting At A 2016 Slipknot Tour

Photo by Peter Zaluzny.

It’s only been three months since this year’s proposed Soundwave Festival was set to go ahead and already it feels like we should be keenly stalking AJ Maddah’s Twitter feed again.

Overnight the notorious promoter hopped on social media and very strongly suggested that the almighty Slipknot will tour Australia in 2016.


Maddah has revealed little else other than the fact that he won’t be involved in bringing the band out here this time. This is the first anyone’s heard of it, so we’re pretty sure this means AJ just leaked a tour that wasn’t his own.

One fan pointed out that it could be more than coincidence that the lineup for this year’s Splendour In The Grass is happening this morning, but AJ was quick to dismiss it.

Another asked whether or not Marilyn Manson could nab the support slot, and surprisingly Maddah didn’t rule it out. We’re aware this is a whole lot of speculation off the back of a couple tweets, but the prospect of a Slipknot arena tour (with the potential to have a second act as big as the reigning Prince of Darkness) has piqued our interest. Think of the pyrotechnics!

If you’re feeling like it was only recently that you got to scream, “CUT CUT CUT ME UP AND FUCK FUCK FUCK ME UP” back at a rampaging Corey Taylor, that’s because it was. The metal juggernaut last hit our shores in 2015 for what would later become the last incarnation of Soundwave.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the boss man’s Twitter over the next few weeks to see what else he reveals.

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