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A Family Went And Made The Hotel From The Shining Out Of Gingerbread

If you’re one to steer clear of the holiday classics in favour of a more alternative Christmas experience, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in good company with Reddit user eudicotyledon, who, a few days ago, uploaded a gallery of just about the most metal thing we’ve come across this Christmas.

Rather than opt for the traditional gumdrop house you’d expect to find on Lollipop Lane, the Redditor’s talented fam made a gingerbread house unlike any other we’ve seen: a 4-foot replica of The Overlook Hotel, the infamous setting from Stanley Kubrick’s landmark horror flick, The Shining. Eudicotyledon explains that their family worked on the project “on and off for about two weeks”, before adding that they make one every year.

35 years on from its release and The Shining is still capable of delivering that terrifying chill down your spine. So naturally, it makes for the perfect theme for a Christmas gingerbread house. The incredibly on-point replica features a Rice Krispie Treat maze, as well as five interior rooms depicting memorable scenes from the film. From the nightmarish twin girls to the decaying dead woman Jack stumbles across in the tub (you know, the one that was forever etched into the memory of every child who had the misfortune of seeing the film at too young an age), the attention to detail is impeccable.

Those fox paintings on the wall? Printed on edible paper. The blood flooding out of the elevator? Melted Jolly Ranchers moulded by hand. It’s a herculean effort, and anyone who ties Christmas to a haunting Stephen King novel is alright by us.

Flick through the gallery above to immediately feel inadequate about anything you created this Christmas.

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