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A Dude Allegedly Had His Ear Bitten Off At An Eagles Of Death Metal Show

Eagles Of Death Metal
Photo by Peter Zaluzny.

Whatever wild story you tell your friends about how brutal you are at shows, you’re probably not going to top this. According to Alan Cross, who cited the comments of a Universal Music attendee of an Eagles Of Death Metal show, some guy just got his ear bitten off at a gig.

It was reported that the witness said something like this: “Some guys just got into a fight in front of us and the one guy bit off the other guy’s ear. I am not joking. It was the most fucked up thing I have ever seen. We had to get security to pick up his ear in case they can fix it”. We bloody well hope they can!

The incident occurred at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada. According to Aux.tv, the venue’s sound engineer Will Schatz missed the event because some dickhead poured a drink on the soundboard. Athena Ellinas-Towers, the venue’s general manager, commented that a customer picked up the ear, “put it on ice and we gave it to the ambulance when they arrived”. If you have excellent control of your gag reflex, you can view a NSFW, REALLY DISGUSTING photo of the ear here. We do not recommend following that link. You have been warned.

Distract yourselves from how messed up this article is with Eagles Of Death Metal’s video for “Complexity” below.


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