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A Day To Remember, Lamb Of God And More Certified Gold

A Day To Remember

So we’ve probably entered an era where gold and platinum status for records means diddly compared to what it once did, but we’re still gonna give credit for what’s one hell of an achievement.

Easycore heavyweights A Day To Remember have shared the news that arguably two of their strongest releases (2009’s Homesick and its 2010 follow-up What Separates Me From You) have been certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

As of February 1st, the RIAAs’s album certification process was revised to include digital streams as opposed to just straight-up album sales. In other words, the 874 times you’ve cranked “All I Want” on Spotify has helped kick ADTR up to the big leagues. And they’re not the only ones. Hawthorne Heights’ If Only You Were Lonely (2006) has been certified gold, as well as Lamb Of God’s Ashes Of The Wake (2004) and Halestorm’s The Strange Case Of… (2012).

Five Finger Death Punch’s mammoth 2009 album War Is The Answer has gone one step further and hit platinum status, along with Ozzy Osbourne’s 2003 compilation, The Essential Ozzy Osbourne.

For the record, you have to notch up 1,500 plays on an approved streaming platform (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music et al.) for it to be considered the equivalent of one album sold, and it takes a whopping 500,000 and 1,000,000 units to reach gold and platinum status respectively. In case you haven’t already come to the conclusion yourself, these results are nothing to be sneezed at.

Happy streaming!

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