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A Day To Remember Are (Probably) Announcing A New Album Tomorrow

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Pop-punk powerhouse and metalcore mainstays A Day To Remember are right back at it again on the hype train! Earlier this week, the Ocala fivesome released a teaser video which hinted that the band were taking things slow for a while, chilling out and playing things by ear – well, it seems they’ve already hit “fuck it” on that plan.

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The band issued a tweet earlier today, pointing fans in the direction of Apple Music’s trademark Beats 1 radio station. Nothing in particular has been confirmed, but considering the quintet’s last album, Common Courtesy, has been out for almost three years now… We’d say they’re well overdue for a new full-length.

Whether it’s a new single, album announcement, breakup, or just a regular ol’ interview, we’re stoked to see what ADTR have in the bag (unless it is a breakup, in which case fuck no). The announcement will be made at 12:30 EST in the States, which means around 3:30am for us. Since we’re pretty much nocturnal at this point anyway, we’re cool with it.

Watch ADTR’s teaser video from earlier this week below!

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