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50,000 People Want Snoop Dogg To Narrate A Season Of Planet Earth

Snoop Dogg

Started as an off-the-cuff joke now we here. A few of you may have seen a petition going around recently for rapper/high profile bong lord Snoop Doog to sign on and host an entire season of famed nature show Planet Earth.

Well, that petition has scored more than 50,000 signatures. Snoop has been hosting his own segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a while now, wherein he narrates animals in their natural habitat à la beloved Brit David Attenborough. So far the artist formerly known as Snoopzilla has tackled tree frogs, seals, and squirrels among others, as well as a fight between a crocodile and a romp of otters (“I ain’t ever seen a gator get punked by no mongooses!”).

Any Nat Geo types out there will no doubt be across the breathtaking 11-part series; it was the most expensive nature doco the BBC ever commissioned, and it shows. Whether or not that means there’s no chance in hell we’ll ever see Snoop traipsing through the Arctic on the lookout for polar bear cubs is anyone’s guess.

What we do know is that the people have spoken. Snoop is down. The ball’s in your court, Discovery Communications. Not gonna lie – we’d probably binge-watch the shit out of Plizzanet Earth.

Watch Snoop Dogg narrate a crocodile facing off against a romp of otters below.

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