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Zulu take it back to the old school for ‘Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon’ visuals

LA’s kings of powerviolence and the wielders of 2020’s undisputed heaviest release of the year, Zulu are back to grace our screens and devices this week, sharing the official visuals for ‘Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon’, featured on their recent EP My People…Hold On. The clip also comes with word that My People…Hold On and its older sibling ‘Our Day Will Come’ will be released on a very slick clear and yellow transparent vinyl via the band’s label, Flatspot Records.

Coming in at just over one minute, there’s no time to waste with ‘Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon’, yet somehow Zulu manage to cram a whole world into it. Save the title, which falls into the category of big-stories-told-in-a-few-words, ‘Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon’ brings to mind Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…or at least, the way that LL Cool J explains it in Deep Blue Sea – when you touch something that’s as red-hot and intense as ‘Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon’ with your bare flesh, it leaves an impression that last an eternity.

The clip is nothing short of an absolute good time. Harking back to the LA block party vibes of a ’90s MTV submission, Zulu have authentically recreated a scene and energy that we don’t get enough of in this space – one of fun. Hell, it would border on silly at times if it weren’t so effortlessly cool.

Speaking with AfroPunk, frontman Anaiah Lei explains: “I really just wanted to make a cool video with lowriders and a gang of homies posted up. On some LA-type business, truthfully taking it back to old school.” And you did so quite successfully, good sir.

If you’ve been sleeping on last year’s My People…Hold On, we strongly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and dive into it, and embrace the utter assault on the body and mind that it is. Brutality not just for the sake of brutality, but used with intent and purpose and in the humble eyes of BLUNT, a masterpiece.