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The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas prove punk is in safe hands with ‘Oh!’

Punk isn’t dead; we’ve known that for a while now. But it’s always a relief to see that it’s not even struggling. Today we’ve been given immutable evidence that together the genre, philosophy, and movement are in safe hands with Epitaph signees and punk rock wunderkinds The Linda Lindas unleashing a self-care anthem-in-waiting, ‘Oh!’, sprinkling some razzle-dazzle on the track in the form of a fun, vibrant video that we could all do with right now.

Built upon a song bed of thoroughly performed punk rock grunt, ‘Oh!’, while giving each member an opportunity to flex clock that chunky riff comes to us very much as a narrative-driven piece. Presenting a new spin on the age-old idea that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, The Linda Lindas add their own caveat: “What’s the point, even?” Or, in their own words: “The song deals with trying to help out someone and having it blow up in your face.”

“’Oh!’ is one of the first songs we collaborated on during the pandemic, masked and distanced on the front porch,” recalls the group. “It started with the main riff and progression Bela brought to the band. Eloise wrote the verses and Lucia and Mila wrote the choruses.”

Since pricking up the ears of Epitaph Records with their debut ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’ (now surpassing the 4 million view mark), The Linda Lindas seem hellbent on proving there’s no ceiling to this venture. ‘Oh!’ has already been nabbed by Netflix to soundtrack the trailer for their forthcoming series, The Chair, starring Sandra Oh and out August 20th. The Linda Lindas are on an upwards trajectory that’s almost imperceptible to the human gaze, but one that’s no less satisfying to sit back and watch as it breaches the stratosphere.

Watch the clip for the new single from The Linda Lindas below.