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Skyway share clip for ‘Heart Anchor’

If you’ve had a hand in Australian pop punk in the last decade, chances are that you’ve heard of Skyway. Emerging from their extended hiatus, the band share today the clip for ‘Heart Anchor’, a fresh cut off their forthcoming EP. Previously a staple at shows across the country, the video represents a fresh chapter for the Aussie mainstays.

Speaking on ‘Heart Anchor’, Skyway have shared that the new track centres on trying to get past the end of a relationship. “Moving on is never easy,” vocalist Dan McMaster explains. A consistent theme of the pop punk genre that never grows tiresome, McMaster adds that “sometimes it feels like you’re stuck at a standstill after a relationship doesn’t work out, this song is about just that. Feeling the weight of the world in the bottom of your heart.”

The new single follows on from Skyway’s previous release this year, ‘Cut The Ties’, which was premiered on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. Presenter Joshua Merriel (a legend, if we do say so ourselves) commented at the time that “it was a great loss to the scene” when Skyway called it a day, but luckily for us, they’ve returned to alleviate our grief over their departure.

Both ‘Heart Anchor’ and ‘Cut The Ties’ form part of Hope Floats, Love Sinks, an extended play that will drop this month on Friday, November 20th. Having returned to the scene in this clusterfuck of a period after eight long years of hiatus, the drop will certainly be welcomed by Skyway’s counterparts and fans alike. Their previous record, Finders Keepers, was mixed by Steve Evetts (The Wonder Years, Saves the Day) and featured appearances from Winston McCall of Parkway Drive, Cam Baines of Bodyjar and Scott E. Woods of One Dollar Short.

Watch the new clip for ‘Heart Anchor’ below.