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Sit Down In Front

Sit Down In Front combat idiocy on new single ‘Don’t Drink Bleach’

Punks aren’t exactly known for their ability to suffer fools gladly – indeed, it’s probably the most important tenet of the punk rock philosophy. So it should come as no surprise that given their incredibly authentic embodiment of punk, New Zealand’s Sit Down In Front hold that principle specifically in high regard. ‘Don’t Drink Bleach’, the new single from the trio, points back to one of the dumbest things to have happened in modern history, and it’s quite clear that Sit Down In Front are simply not here for it.

“Don’t Drink Bleach was penned during a crazy time in world history when everyone was watching the news or listening to the radio waiting for updates on the state of the world,” explain the band. “There were all manner of suggestions emerging from the mouths of leaders around the world. One such comment that hit our ears was the concept of cracking open a bottle of bleach and taking a swig to kill the virus. This didn’t seem quite right, and the band felt compelled to warn the world against it.

“In true punk fashion, this is an irreverent commentary on a comment made by the leader of the free world, during a time that will be remembered and talked about for generations to come.”

Rough, sweaty, and unfiltered, ‘Don’t Drink Bleach’ is quite literally as punk as a song can get. But rather than being a rehash of the punk we’ve heard before, Sit Down In Front exude a youthful energy – all three members are still in high school – and are fronted by a vocalist who, again quite literally, is hell on wheels.

Far from being a flash in the pan moment, Sit Down In Front have been carefully planning their Normandy since 2019, when they released their debut album Red Light Runner. Hooking up with acclaimed producer Greg Haver, the band are now readying their next release, an EP set to drop in the pointy end of 2022, and on that, their planes will fill the sky. If we may dust off a timeless Australianism for our bros across the ditch, what Sit Down In Front embody might just be classic punk rock, but it’s what they do with it that counts. We strongly advise watching this space.

Check out the clip for ‘Don’t Drink Bleach’ below.