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Self-care playlist: Songs that help Waxflower manage anxiety on the road

Just before Christmas, Brissy pop-punkers Waxflower released “Together”. The track was more than meets the eye, representing a conversation between frontman Tristan Higginson and his anxiety and panic disorder. An important conversation to have, it allowed Tristan to grapple with his mental health in a meaningful way. As the band head out on tour for a few shows to celebrate the song’s release, they shared with us the songs that they use for self-care on the road. You can check out the full playlist here.

Daniel Seymour

When I’m away from home, it can be easy to get caught up in internet hyper-awareness and lost in “the scroll”. Sitting in a van for 8 hours in a day doesn’t give you much more to do – so, I like to find some time to put my phone on aeroplane mode, sit back with my eyes shut and try to enjoy the drive.

Mallrat – Texas

I’m a HUGE Mallrat fan and this one is probably one of my faves. Ethereal, but builds so nicely, with a catchy little hook. Something about this one just calms me immensely and helps to put me in a good head-space

Set Your Goals – Summer Jam

A bit of a classic “feel-good” tour song here. One of my favorite bands that I really loved growing up. This one reminds me why I play music & tour – for fun! If I’m ever feeling down or missing home, this helps to pull me out of that slump and makes me excited for the next show.

Anchors – Tour Dogs

Another song that made me dream of touring when I was younger. Anchors were/are one of my favorite Australian bands and I seemed to run into them a lot when I started going to local shows. Perhaps lyrically slightly pessimistic, there’s a silver lining to this one and it always reminds me of all the great memories I’ve made through music, no matter what the situation.

Nick Hargans

I live a very busy life, so when we go on tour I get a little bit of ‘Task Anxiety’ which is basically just me thinking about everything I have to do when we get home. So I like to listen to music that lets me forget and relax.

Vein – Doomtech

This song is fast, aggressive and heavy. I love the lyrics and I REALLY love the sound of the snare.

Oliver Francis – Tangerine Summer

I love this song, it’s so chill and catchy. The lyrics are a little silly but it really lets me into his world so I can forget mine.

Counterparts – Your Own Knife

This song is fast and heavy. I love the late 90’s early 00’s metalcore throwback sound. This song really lets me forget about everything I need to do.

Jordan Beard

Being on tour can be tough, especially when sometimes it can be difficult to recharge those introvert batteries. I have a few go to songs that help me recollect my thoughts and continue to function in social situations.

The Band Camino – Less Than I Do

My go-to feel good song. Try to not sing along to that soaring chorus (it’s impossible), paired with the what is most likely the catchiest verse every written, this song pushes my thoughts back to the positive.

Sing It Loud – No One Can Touch Us

A recent rediscovery – a perfectly crafted pop rock song that never ceases to lift your spirits. Alex Gaskarth’s guest vocals provide a nice little surprise that brings me straight back to 2007.

fats’e – Pretend I’m on Vacation

Sometimes when you’re feeling down it’s nice to wallow in your own sorrow and embrace it somewhat. This was my favorite song when my anxiety was at its worst and I always come back to it when I’m not feeling myself.

Say Anything – The Futile

My favorite track off my favorite record of all time – I love how Bemis delivers his lyrics with such vigor that you feel it in your bones. This track also sounds somewhat theatrical, and never ceases to pull me out of a dark spot.

Tristan Higginson

Over the last two years I’ve accrued a playlist of songs that have helped me calm down during Panic Attacks. I try to swap them out after a while so I don’t become conditioned to associate them with feeling like I’m going to die. Here are some of my favourites.

Nearly Oratorio – Juniper

Every element of this song is restrained in a way that really slows me down. Slow, lofi piano provides a perfect cushion for the gentle vocal performance.

Mommy – Passing

I struggled to pick a single song from Mommy’s album ‘lovely currents’ to put on this list. The whole album clocks in at only 23 minutes, and is borderline meditative. ‘Passing’ was my intro to the artist so it takes the spot on my list.

Pet Symmetry – You, Me & Mt Hood

Pet Symmetry swap driven guitars and slammed drums for quiet bass and keyboard in this cut from their 2017 album ‘Vision.’ Evan’s storytelling shines on this backdrop, transporting you to the titular Mt Hood alongside him.

Ceres – Water the Garden

Although some of its lyrics lean in the opposite direction, this song has such a hopeful energy. It came out in such a melancholy period of my life and never faltered in raising my spirits.

Listen to Waxflower’s “Together” below.


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Cherry Bar, Melbourne
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Greaser, Brisbane
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Crowbar, Sydney
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