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Kids Of Yesterday

Pump It: The songs that inspired skate punks Kids of Yesterday

Kids of Yesterday clearly have no respect for the rules; a band who call no man sir. Who do they think they are, kicking in the doors of the Australian punk scene, cutting the line and strutting straight to the bar? Bah! This is an affront to the order of things. An insult to the rank and file who demand patience, subordination, tucked in shirts and tidy haircuts. And it’s about fucking time.

This month, the Sydney-based rough-and-tumble skate punks released their debut album Escape Planet; a thorough and authentic doctrine of classic punk. From seeds no doubt planted by the forefathers of the sound, a bloom sprouted that was carefully pruned to become something unique all together.

Kids of Yesterday have been around for a minute. But for those who missed their 2010 EP Belated Farewell and it’s 2011 follow up The Gutter, it’s time to get acquainted. What better way to get into the minds of the band than extrapolation of the tunes that get them pumped….

AFI – ‘Dancing Through Sunday’

“There’s only one AFI. Sing The Sorrow felt like a bit of a transition album for them and this tune harps back to their older stuff. Still don’t know what Davey is singing half the time but his range is nuts and the solo in this track is bananas.”

Alexisonfire – ‘We Are the End’

“Crisis couldn’t be closer to a perfect album. You could really pick any track. We’ve fond memories of blasting it on road trips over the blue mountains back to our hometown Cowra.”

Millencolin – ‘Duck Pond’

“We won’t ever stop listening to Millencolin. We’ve been jamming on their tunes ever since we could play instruments. Still can’t help singing along in Nikola’s rad accent.”

NOFX – ‘Idiots Are Taking Over’

“NOFX are on most punks’ playlists. Always fun to jam. Mike’s lyrics and Melvin’s screams set them apart. Hopefully this song won’t remain as relevant as it still is.”

Billy Talent – ‘River Below’

“We dig Billy T for their great guitar work and unmistakable vocals. We’ve been listening to them since their first album so this early stuff takes us back to high school.”

Rise Against – ‘Black Masks & Gasoline’

“Rise Against can get you really amped and we always find ourselves jamming them when there’s a campfire going. Tim’s lyrics are always super inspiring.”

Frenzal Rhomb – Mum Changed The Locks

“This was the first track we were both into when we discovered Frenzal, stalwarts of Aussie punk. Meet the Family was also the first album Duncan ever owned, solidifying his love for punk and swear words.”

The Living End – ‘Prisoner of Society’

“Filthy Intro. Cheney is a bit of a blues god. Easily one of the best live acts out of Aus.”

Bodyjar – ‘One In A Million’

“Great tune, even better film clip. Bodyjar have always been a strong addition to the Aus punk community. We dig ’em.”

Atreyu – ‘Untitled Finale’

“This was a strong album and really captures a time for us. We have a blast playing drums and singing along to the whole thing.”

Escape Planet by Kids of Yesterday is out now.