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Terminal Sleep band photo

Hardcore troublemakers Terminal Sleep aren’t here to play nice

There was a time when the prevailing wisdom told us to be patient and polite. Having said that, considering that these prevailing wisdoms essentially led to the current slow motion collapse of society, it’s clear that we need to revise some of the accepted ways in which things should be done. Naarm hardcore upstarts Terminal Sleep offer a alternative, showing just how much we can get done by being decidedly not patient nor polite.

With their debut EP Chapter 1: No Solace out now, the band give us further insight into their “fuck that” philosophy. “Terminal Sleep was born from the desire to be straight up rude, while taking no prisoners,” the act explain to BLUNT.

“The first chapter is a collection of songs for when you want to spin kick your house down, feeling the raw fury and frustrations of human existence. We talk about issues that are important to us, that we think should be important to you. We’re ignorant to boundaries and old notions; we’re here to wreak our own type of havoc.”

On their debut single ‘Death Therapy’, Terminal Sleep wasted no time getting straight to the point and cracking their knuckles. With follow-up ‘A Liar’s End’, they make use of the rare commodity that is Brodie Graham from Honest Crooks and set a clear agenda – expressing frustration, rage, hatred, pain and anger – for the sake of an important message.

Terminal Sleep are using their bone-shaking collective voice to speak of a way forward towards self-empowerment, gender equality, animal rights and mental health. “After listening to the EP, we want to see everyone either come out of pit retirement – or be sent into it,” they add. “We want people up front, and we want this space to be for everyone. Terminal Sleep is about being a bad bitch and we’re only just getting started.”

As the once sleeping giant that is international hardcore awakens, with some of the finest tuneage to ever represent the cause currently being released, Terminal Sleep’s music, message and straight-up lack of manners has them quickly ascending towards its head and shoulders.

Terminal Sleep’s EP Chapter 1: No Solace is out now.

Terminal Sleep Tour Dates

Supporting Sanction

Tuesday, 8th November
Burdekin Hotel, Gadigal Land/Sydney
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Sunday, 13th November
Bendigo Hotel, Naarm/Melbourne
Tickets: Destroy All Lines