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Live Review + Photos: The Story So Far 2015

The Story So Far / Man Overboard / Relentless / Vices
The Metro, Sydney 06/09/2015
Review: Chanel Issa | Photos: Peter Zaluzny

The Story So Far’s last trip Down Under for Soundwave 2014 left us all with bodies so sore it feels as though we’ve only just recovered. This time bringing Man Overboard and Aussie hardcore acts Relentless and Vices along for the ride, the sold out crowd were ready and raring to chuck a mosh in the name of gritty pop-punk.

Openers for night Vices could have their set summed up in two words: punk jumps. The quintet epitomised the best of Sydney’s hardcore scene, wearing their heart on their sleeve and their veganism on their shirts.

Homegrown up-and-comers Relentless smashed out riff after riff, with each one heavier than the last. The crowd were equally as relentless themselves, flying over the barricade left, right and centre. Their set packed a hell of a punch, and it was a shame to see it cut so short.

If The Metro Theatre was a battlefield, the crowd were eager warriors ready to mosh with the best of them. Their mission? To defend pop-punk. New Jersey’s Man Overboard commanded an audience full of crowdsurfers and finger-pointing girls perched on the shoulders of the taller guys they’d dragged along with them. With their dual vocal attack, the band elicited a mammoth response for Heart Attack’s “Where I Left You” and were a perfect fit for the night’s line-up.

Following their pop-punk counterparts, The Story So Far mixed a setlist of classics with newfound favourites. Tearing into their set with “Nerve” from their recent self-titled effort, the headliners maintained a 14-song spectacle of sheer energy and anger. Riotous sing-alongs often overpowered frontman Parker Cannon, leaving the crowd to play vocalist for the riff-driven group. Closing with an encore of “680 South”, the band left a sold out crowd of fans behind to peel their sweaty “I’m not sorry for anything” shirts off their bodies. We think we might need another year-and-a-half to recover after this one.


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