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Live Review + Photos: Coheed and Cambria, Melbourne 2016

Coheed and Cambria / Closure In Moscow
Max Watt’s, Melbourne 07/05/2016
Review + Photos: Luke Sutton

Local Melbourne legends Closure In Moscow had the honour of kicking things off tonight and received rapturous applause from their hometown crowd as they came out on stage. This reviewer first saw Closure In Moscow support The Getaway Plan at Max Watt’s in 2008, back when it was better known as The Hi-Fi Bar. Each and every time since, it’s become more and more evident that Closure In Moscow have an incredibly strong fanbase in their hometown. Over the years the band hasn’t exactly cracked the big leagues, but what they have done is make one hell of an impact on the independent local scene. And tonight? The CIM diehards are down in the front row, belting out every word. Their divisive second LP Pink Lemonade was one of the gems of 2014 and their live shows always tick all the right boxes. We’re sure they left tonight’s gig with more than a handful of new devotees.

Stepping onto the stage with an acoustic guitar in hand, Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez is joined by shredder Travis Stever, and the two open their set with the melancholic “Ghost”. It was a surprising way to begin the night; however, it worked in the band’s favour as it immediately created an intimate atmosphere which would set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Highlights of the night were “Devil In Jersey City” and “The Hard Sell”, while the epic, cinematic “Welcome Home” rounded the set out in spectacular fashion. As a frontman, Sanchez treads a fine line between melancholic ballads and headbanging riffs, switching between the two with ease.

Coheed and Cambria have always been known for their conceptual releases; their albums are constructed with intricate narratives of which their fans are often trying to decipher and find the meaning within. It offers the band’s admirers something a bit deeper than just music, and goes to show how much thought goes into each moment of every song.

Even tonight Coheed and Cambria could have surely just played any one of their concept albums in full and the crowd would have loved every moment of it. Rather, their live show is instead a carefully curated selection of songs from their extensive musical catalogue which complements their talent and prowess. They’re a band whose music sits categorically between melodic and progressive rock, so even though thematically the music on the setlist isn’t “related” to a single concept, this setlist selection worked perfectly in their favour to give us an incredible night of live music.

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