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Live Photos: Anti-Flag Sydney 2016

The full-album anniversary tours just keep on coming! Political punk veterans Anti-Flag celebrated For Blood and Empire’s 10th birthday by coming to Sydney and playing it from start to finish, before taking requests from the crowd. The air was muggy, the beers were cold we’re pretty sure some insurance premiums would have blown through the roof after watching that moshpit tear the place apart. They even gave Liberation Front, who were calling it a day after more than a decade, one hell of a send-off by inviting them on stage to scream along during “Die For Your Government,” after they opened the evening. But before it all began, the legendary Scott Reynolds grabbed an acoustic guitar and jammed his way through a solo set of classic tunes and covers, and local punkers/amateur comedians Nerdlinger wore shorts.

Liberation Front / Nerdlinger / Scott Reynolds / Anti-Flag
The FactoryTheatre, Sydney, 08/12/2016
Photos: Peter Zaluzny

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