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Deftones share otherworldy visuals for new single ‘Ohms’

New material from Deftones has been a long time coming, and today the band came good on their promise to release new material off the back of an extensive, and tantalising, teaser campaign.

First came the brand new single ‘Ohms’, and now that we’ve had a few hours to let the jam encompass our surroundings, the outfit have now premiered the single’s official music video.

The clip sees Deftones honour the art form with a level of style and effort rarely seen these days. Interspersed throughout the performance footage are a series of haunting vignettes which follow a shadowy figure trudging through a dystopian world; the similarities to ours acts as a stirring reminder that this could be our planet too, one day.

By both name and nature, ‘Ohms’ is a flurry of electricity, hitting the body with 10,000 watts and dispersing throughout our many receptors like a bolt of lighting. Furious and surgically precise instrumentals lay a thorougher foundation, allowing the vocals of Chino Moreno to soar, high in the stratosphere where they’re free to fully stretch out their wings.

As well as the first warning shot from the release, the creators have also dished out the official album name – making ‘Ohms’ the lead single and title track, as well as its Friday, 25th September release date.

It’s been a big gap between drinks for the act’s devoted following, who have been sitting patiently with the band’s previous release, 2016’s Gore. Of course, Deftones themselves were well aware of the masses waiting with baited breath for their next outing. They didn’t run any risk of the fans not hearing about it by renting out billboard space to begin drip feeding the forthcoming release.

As well as the date and title track, the act have also shared the album artwork and track listing, which affords ‘Ohms’ the status of its closing tune, the kind of decision a band makes when they know they’ve got a solid album on their hands.

Ohms Tracklist

1. Genesis
2. Ceremony
3. Urantia
4. Error
5. The Spell of Mathematics
6. Pompeji
7. This Link Is Dead
8. Radiant City
9. Headless
10. Ohms