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Black Pantera band photo

Brazilian thrashers Black Pantera hit hard with new single ‘Dreadpool’

It’s not surprising that Black Pantera have captured the attention of a global audience; their music is punchy and raw, and their stories are important.

What is surprising, is everything the band have managed to achieve on the international stage singing entirely in their native Portugese. This week, the band have gone above and beyond, releasing their first ever track sung in english, ‘Dreadpool’.

There’s a timeless urgency to punk that transends any language barrier, and so the works of Black Pantera were always entirely accessable and enjoyble for non-portueges speaking audiences, but now the band have allowed us further into their cause than we’ve ever been before. We already understood the mission, but with ‘Dreadpool’, Black Pantera allow us to shout it along with them.

Dreadpool sees the band continue their conversation around race, culture and identity uninterupted. Even still, the song is so loud, threatening and confident, it would be impossible to talk over it if you tried. The snarling vocals perch ominiously atop a jagered songbed of flesh-tearing beats and row after row of razer sharp riffage. When you think it might be done with you, Dreadpool returns to rip your face off with a filfthy guitar solo before launching into an all out hard rock feeding frenzy.

When we first met Black Pantera back in 2020, they were kind enough to talk us through their local scene in Uberaba, Brazil. Since then the band’s sights have become far more global, working their towards a palpable international presence. Following the release of the track, the band set their sights on Europe and the UK with a run of upcoming headline shows.

If you like what you hear today, rest assured, there’s plenty of Black Pantera to sink your teeth into. In 2022, BLUNT connected with the band to talk about their album Ascensão, which saw them rise to the status of one of the years most watched new bands.

There’s no stopping them now that Dreadpool is on the loose.