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BOYSCLUB speak truth to addiction with ‘Lovesick’

You see, the issue with looking into the abyss isn’t necessarily the fact that the abyss looks back. It’s that so many of us struggle to reconcile with what it shows us.

When we spend all day scrolling through depictions of contrived and curated perfection, we’re prescribed an unsolicited litmus test of what it means to feel, look and live good. It can be a tough pill to swallow when you look into the mirror only to recognise none of these new-found metrics.

In fact, for many, it’s all together easier to ingest other substances, whatever they may be, to avoid having to acknowledge it altogether. And it’s within the ebb and flow of self-doubt and addiction that we find the foundation for ‘Lovesick’, the brand new single from Sydney punks BOYSCLUB.

BOYSCLUB are a punk rock force majeure for a number of reasons, including their ability to not only thrash the living hell out of their instruments, but to do so in a way that’s effective at telling stories. Take for example, ‘Lovesick’ and its visual stimuli. Through slick production, an aesthetically pleasing display of treats and a hefty dose of props, BOYSCLUB are able to smuggle across the incredibly uncomfortable but poignant topic of addiction – not its romantic nihilistic performance, so often glamorised, but the life ruining reality of it.

“Addiction is such an issue in society and it ties in very closely with mental health and the sheer lack of affordable and appropriate mental health support available to people,” BOYSCLUB explain to BLUNT. “When this is the case a lot of people, including people we care about very deeply, are driven to self-medicate with alcohol and other substances.”

“Sera Doll (lead singer / guitarist) struggled for many years with addiction. Ava Noir (guitarist) and Sera had just gotten back in contact with each other after many years spent estranged. It so happened at that time Sera had just gotten out of detox, was clean, and they both started talking about music.”

Unfortunately, during the band’s recording sessions, Sera would experience a relapse.

“When that happened, she told the rest of the band straight away and had already scheduled herself into a hospital for the following day.”

“When there are so many bands around that glorify drinking and drugs, and do it to the point where it has basically become their entire image, someone needs to show what it’s like on the other side of the coin. What happens when the party isn’t fun anymore?”

As well as Lou Harbridge on the bass, BOYSCLUB also features homegrown punk luminary Skarlett Saramore on drums.

The four-piece are using their platform to address a plethora of oft-neglected topics, from addiction to queer empowerment, domestic violence and violence against women. Their previous single ‘She, the Atrocity‘ fits well within this purview.

‘Lovesick’ will be released officially Friday, 28th August. Both tracks will also be available as a double-sided 7″ vinyl.