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Blink 182

Blink-182 deliver the anti-quarantine anthem we need

There’s something about the effortless cool of Blink-182 that can bring a whole new perspective to any mundane situation. Who knew wrapping Christmas presents could be such a wild time?

This week, the trio bring said effortless cool into the current global pandemic not so much changing our perspective on things, but providing us a much needed rallying point on which to gather and unleash an almighty ‘Fuck This’.

Coming in at a touch over 2 minutes, ‘Quarantine’ is a break-neck speed offering of blistering pop punk. No fuss, straight to the point that could very well have the listener busting blood vessels meandering between lines that will have you laughing, or quickly falling apart into a pit of nihilistic despair at the thought of pure, unadulterated hopelessness.

Then, straight back to laughing.

As it turns out, drummer Travis Barker wasn’t talking smack when he said the band were using their lockdown time to whittle away at the new jam he heralded as a “fan favourite” off the bat. The clear frustration of the group, albeit peppered with bouts of comedy, and the pointed, blistering way in which they delivered it, harks back to the days of Dude Ranch and Buddha, wrapping before you know it but lingering in your head for the rest of the week.

Timezones do appear to be messing with listening experiences, however the track has made its way to YouTube and streaming platforms, at least for Australian fans, adding a little bit of pop punk spice to our lockdown morning routine.

Word on the street is, ‘Quarantine’ will be the first warning shot off a brand new EP from the group. The soon-to-be follow up to 2019’s NINE was confirmed by the band earlier in the lockdown, assuring us that they’re using this time to be as productive as, well, as productive as fans need them to be.