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Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me

It just goes to show how successful Suicide Silence were that even in the time they’ve been away from the limelight, no band has come along and taken their (black) crown. 

Suicide Silence

Photo by Kane Hibberd.

The fourth album from California’s Suicide Silence, You Can’t Stop Me, is a tough record to check out objectively. Singer Mitch Lucker’s untimely passing occurred while the band’s star was truly in ascendance, the first really heavy death metal/core/whatever band to drag the more extreme side of things back into the spotlight since the heyday of Cannibal Corpse et al. His death was a huge blow not only to the band and their legion of fans but that entire movement. It just goes to show how successful Suicide Silence were that even in the time they’ve been away from the limelight (it’s been three years since their last full-length), no band has come along and taken their (black) crown.

New man on the mic Eddie Hermida is no stranger to the Suicide Silence brand of modern metal and does a fine job of covering Lucker’s position, his screeching and growling exactly what the doctor ordered and perfectly honed after his own successful stint fronting the crushing All Shall Perish. Musically, Suicide Silence have always leaned to the crowd-pleasing side of things and that doesn’t change here – Between The Buried And Me or Origin this ain’t, popular entry level heavy metal replete with breakdowns, blast beats and fat grooves it is. Lead single “Cease To Exist” thrashes around on a nasty riff before launching into a big Roots-era Sepultura groove; it might be super obvious but that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment factor. Drummer Alex Lopez again puts in a great performance, his instrument actually sounding like a human is playing it while those great, raw ride bell blasts of his propel the hostile takeover.

You Can’t Stop Me won’t change your life and the songwriting could definitely be sharper, but for a career-defining follow-up in the face of such harsh circumstances it’s an admirable effort.

The Essential Track: “Inherit The Crown” is Eddie talking to Mitch, setting the tone for what’s to follow.

Suicide Silence




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