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5 things to know about the new Down For Tomorrow jam

Down For Tomorrow are an impressive outfit, not only because of their musical prowess but their fervent following. The indie-punk quartet have been riding high after the release of their Thanks to You EP, which saw them sell out the launch five weeks in advance.

After supporting international acts like The Maine, The Dangerous Summer and As It Is, Down For Tomorrow have revealed new single ‘Emily’, which was produced and mixed by scene expert Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, The Dead Love). To coincide with the unveiling, we asked the guys to share five fun facts about the release. Once we all emerge from our homes, we’re sure you won’t hear the end of Down For Tomorrow.

1. The song is about an interstate mishap.

“Cody, what did I tell you about seeing people from different states?” a dear friend said to me a week prior to the incident. Imagine if I had listened to them. ‘Emily’ surrounds the themes of unrequited feelings and miscommunication from an interstate trip that slowly turned sour. A lesson learnt the hard way because I turned down the chance to fly back home early, with many emotions thrown into the mixer; denial, confusion, and resentment. In the words of Ted Striker from Airplane: “what a pisser!”

2. The artwork is based off the line “You became a ghost with a breath of smoke.”

Most probably my favourite line (so far) in a song we wrote, and Ben Mitchell absolutely smashed the artwork, encapsulating the scepticism behind that line.

3. Emily’s name is mentioned 16 times throughout the song.

We thought that if we repeat the name enough then it will:

  1. Remind people who the song is about.
  2. Remind people how easy the chorus is to sing at live shows.

4. At 2:24, Cody can be faintly heard screaming a certain expletive into his guitar pickups.

Tracking guitars on this song nearly broke me. The simplest of chords, and I kept cooking it on every take. By the time we’d reached the bridge I was ready to throw something, but instead, mid-take, I just screamed some profanity into the guitar pickups. Hearing it back, we all burst out laughing and decided to keep it.

5. We filmed the music video on our webcams, in quarantine.

COVID-19 forced us to cancel our shows and our music video plans, so we made a cheeky DIY video inspired by FIDLAR’s ‘By Myself’ and Machine Gun Kelly’s cover of ‘Misery Business’. Isolation in all its glory.

Listen to ‘Emily’ below.