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10 things to know about Hevenshe

Jenna McDougall is not one to be rushed.

With a legacy that upholds her status as one of Australia’s most prolific artists, she was always going to move at her own pace when it came to a solo project. Now, this week, her planes will fill the sky as Jenna unveils Hevenshe.

Nor does she waste time. As our eyes still adjust to the shimmering reveal, Hevenshe released her debut single ‘No One Will Ever Love You’, a sprite that simply phases through any label you place on it. It’s rock, it’s folk, vivid and sparse. While it exists far from any music she’s released in the past – whether through several albums as the vocalist for Tonight Alive, or through collaborations, ‘No One Will Ever Love You’ is every bit as brilliant, lively and magical as we’d expect from McDougall

Even still, there’s more to Hevenshe than meets the ears. It’s a labour of love informed by a life dedicated to the prerogative of a songwriter. We sat down with McDougall to form a handy guide, of sorts, to help you get even closer to the creative process, before you lose yourself in the fandome…

1. Is a self-funded, self-managed and self-released artist

2. Is the “vibe child” of Alanis Morissette and Amy Taylor (Amyl and The Sniffers)

3. Has been releasing music for half her life, having started at the age of 15

4. Is a quadruple Gemini

5. Could listen to The War On Drugs album ‘A Deeper Understanding’ eternally

6. Has over 40 Hevenshe songs in the bank waiting to be recorded

7. Is an initiated student of Krishna Consciousness

8. Favourite activities include collecting sticks for fires and skinny dipping

9. Most watched TV show is Ru Paul’s Drag Race

10. Her dreams outside music include starting a self-sustaining community.

Hevenshe ‘No One Will Ever Love You’ Single Launch

Tickets available now

Friday, 10th June
Crowbar. Sydney
Tickets: Oztix