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WATCH: Gag Reel Shows All The Dirty Jokes That Got Cut From Deadpool


We here at BLUNT HQ are always down for a solid superhero movie, especially when the main character is a sarcastic badarse who’s prone to breaking the fourth wall (and the skulls of his enemies). We haven’t seen the approx. 832 superhero films both the Marvel and DC universes are set to deliver this year but we’re quietly confident that when 2016 comes to a close Deadpool will still be at the top of our list.

We’re not the only ones who dug it, either. In a time where superhero movies are being released every other week, Deadpool raked in a cool $760 million USD (which is over $1 billion AUD). The film is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray from May 25, which means it’ll undoubtedly pull in even more coin as people strap in for round two at home.

Cheesy dialogue can be like kryptonite for superhero movies and thankfully Deadpool was loaded with our kind of cheddar. It’s the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play (Green who?) and the banter between him and comic relief T.J. Miller is largely what made it so fun. Thankfully this is something the creators are aware of and they’ve hit us with this Deadpool gag reel that shows all the dirty, hilarious and downright ludicrous parts of the film that didn’t make the final cut.

Miller spitting out descriptions for Deadpool’s disfigured appearance is a (slightly wrong) highlight: “You look like somebody turned your face inside out and then just left it like that but then you got in a house fire. God! You look like a house fire was in another house fire! Wait, you look like a trash can full of shit was placed on your shoulders and you were in a train fire. You look like Shrek took a shit on your neck. You look like the inside of other people’s assholes.” We’ll stop spoiling it now and let you have a laugh at your own pace.

Watch all the best bits of Deadpool that didn’t make the cut below.

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