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TV Review – Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1

Fear The Walking Dead – Season 1
AMC Films

Firstly, people of Earth, take a bow. Not only is there a hard-hittin’ zombie TV show on air that has now entered its sixth season but you’ve kept your eyeballs glued to it so intensely that we now have a companion/prequel series as well. We are, of course, talking about The Walking Dead and its fresh-faced little cousin Fear The Walking Dead that has just aired internationally.

If you ever wondered what was happening on the streets of Los Angeles while Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes was snoozing it up in that hospital in Atlanta overrun by ravenous undead beings for a few months, you’re in luck. Based around the lives of a dysfunctional family reconnecting as an unknown virus turns those around them into angry neck-biters, Fear The Walking Dead isn’t so much a new spin on the original series popular formula, more an extension of it. It does at times feel like we’re eating a second pizza just because it tastes great rather than us actually being hungry.

As with any origin story, you may find yourself screaming, “Come on, get to the cool shit!” from time to time but this new series follows a similar format to the The Walking Dead’s original first run: a handful of punchy episodes and the promise of a new and frightening adventure only one full, seemingly endless season break away. The actors are familiar faces to TV viewers, and the mish-mash of panicked parents trying to locate and sooth their various drug-addicted or generally defiant kids is relatable just not necessarily super likeable.

The likeability of the characters was a subject often raised by the original seasons’ critics, so if you hated the first incarnation you’re not gonna suddenly leap out your chair in excitement with this one. It is, however, a fun, rollicking rampage through a near post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and does touch on some social issues as citizens butt heads with the under-equipped and unforgiving end of modern law enforcement.

Like it’s predecessor, Fear The Walking Dead is so often just a tease, but you have to realise that if it was just a non-stop avalanche of zombies tearing people’s faces off it’d likely be twice as boring. See SyFy’s Z Nation for how ineffective that approach can be.

Fear The Walking Dead is an extra helping for an existing fan base that are sure to eat it up feverishly. It lays a solid foundation for its extended Season 2 run and is genuinely set to take the zombie world to an exciting new location as the cast find themselves on a… well, there’s that teasing element again. We can’t just go ruining that for you.

Sometimes frustrating but never boring, this genre piece highlights the power of fandom in 2015 and we’re more than happy to welcome another round of high quality adult-focused, dramatic horror TV. Once again, great job everybody.

Fear The Walking Dead is out now on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD.

Fear The Walking Dead

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