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There’s A New Mural In Sydney Urging You To Vote #1 Deadpool For PM

Deadpool Mural

A mural much more aesthetically pleasing than Kanye making out with himself has sprung up in Sydney, and it’s none other than a campaign urging you to Vote #1 Deadpool in the upcoming erection election.

It probably says a lot about our current political climate when a fictional superhero seems like a more viable candidate for prime minister than anyone we’ve actually got running, but this is fun and we’re getting involved.

Is the loveable foul-mouthed scamp seriously running for PM or is this just a clever marketing campaign to spruik the film’s recent Blu-ray release?

In the words of the small Mexican child from the Old El Paso ads:

Why don't we have both?, why not both

Painted by street artist Alex Lehours, those keen to get a closer look at Deadpool’s most glorious mural can find it on the corner of Albion and Bourke Street in Surry Hills. “But just what would Deadpool offer me as a leader?” we hear you ask? Well, his No Pants Party lays out some pretty, pretty, pretty good points:

– No Pants #FreeTheBalls

– Double-dipping

– Frequent touching and fondling

– Fucking chimichangas whenever and wherever possible

– “Shoop” to be played during the Olympic opening ceremony for the Australian team’s walk-out

Deadpool promises a Happy Ending for all of the above. Oh, and his policies aren’t the only thing bulging with extras; apparently there wasn’t enough wall space to fit his awesome package… Or so we’ve been told.

We already know that Deadpool’s gag reel delivered an abundance of gems that got cut from the film, so if any of them have crept onto the disc as part of the special features, your abs will be in for one hell of a workout.

Deadpool is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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