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Space Jam 2 Is Happening, And LeBron James Is Gonna Be In It

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Arguably one of the greatest pieces of cinematic supremacy to ever grace our undeserving eyes, 1996’s Space Jam is ~finally~ getting a sequel.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Warner Bros. has attempted to revive the IP – attempts in 2014 and 2015 were both futile, but now, the golden  pipe dream is becoming a silver screen reality; contracts have been signed, studio execs have been paid, and Justin Lin is locked in to direct.

Lin is most known as the hothead behind the Fast And Furious franchise, and is currently finishing up with Star Trek Beyond. Andrew Dodge (Bad Words) is penning the screenplay.

Casting details are few and far between, but one thing we know for sure is that LeBron James will be taking the batton ball from Michael Jordan. Rumours that James would be filling the lead role have been circling since rumours of the sequel started in the first place, but reached their peak when he signed a contract with Warner in 2014.

Jordan is not expected to return  – which is fine, since James has already proved himself to be a damn fine actor with last year’s Trainwreck – but look, Warner: if there’s no Bill Murray in Space Jam 2… Why even make a Space Jam 2!?

More details on the film are due to be released in the coming year, but for now, let’s relish in the fact that the original website for the OG Jam is still up and running in all of its low-bandwith perfection.

Get your nostalgia on with the 1996 trailer for Space Jam below!

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