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Looks Like They’re Making A 22 Jump Street / Men In Black Crossover Movie

Men In Black-22 Jump Street

Potential new defenders of the galaxy incoming. We could be neuralised for posting this but word is that the 22 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover movie that was revealed to be in consideration after someone hacked Sony’s emails last year, is now looking like it’s very close to moving forward according to a report from the fancy Hollywood people at Variety magazine.

They allege that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be sitting this one out, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be in, reprising their Schmidt and Jenko roles, and a pair of new faces will be joining the MIB team, as yet another reboot of a franchise comes leaping onto screens, ready to grab at your coin purse.

While the temptation to whinge about how there’s no new ideas in Hollywood runs strong, there’s something about this mash-up that could really work. For starters the 21 and 22 Jump Street flicks earned a full American R-rating and it’s unlikely a film involving those potty mouthed characters would go for anything less, so that’s a plus because, y’know, things are always funnier when people get a chance to swear a lot especially when they’re arguing with monsters.

Also, the Men In Black universe is a fun one to explore and we can guarantee there’s gonna be at least one scene where somebody accidentally gives the most destructive alien some kind of terrifying street drug and shit gets real.

If the studio gets on top of this before either property gets to the “decade without a movie in the franchise” phase and people start considering the original films “sacred” – see the upset the new Ghostbusters has caused – there’s a chance folks could seriously get behind it. We’re in provided they bring back that talking pug and Will Smith does the theme song again, ‘cos that shit’s essential.

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