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Frinkiac: The Simpsons Search Engine You Didn’t Know You Needed

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It should come as absolutely no surprise that we here at BLUNT HQ are rather fond of The Simpsons. America’s favourite yellow family was there for us during our formative years, sculpting our definition of funny and introducing us to cooler-raiding alt-rock bands like Sonic Youth.

We’ve long argued that there’s a Simpsons quote for every situation in life, and now… well, we kinda have proof. Look, we’ll level with you. We’ve been living with Frinkiac for the past five days, and it’s a game changer. The searchable database features more than 3 million Simpsons screencaps – simply punch in a quote from the show, pick your image, then add a quote. Now you really can pinpoint the second when Ralph’s heart rips in half.

You can even generate your own memes, though we’re not sure how much *actual* ownership you’ll have over said creations given FOX aren’t averse to tearing down Simpsons-quoting Facebook pages when it comes to copyright infringement. If anything will help the cause, golden-era Simpsons writers like Josh Weinstein and Bill Oakley have praised the site on Twitter, and it’s had no shortage of positive attention in the media of late.

In amongst our trawling, we also happened to remember that The Simpsons has played host to its fair share of musicians over the years. You know, back when celebrity guests made for genuine episode plots rather than Lady Gaga visiting Springfield for reasons still unknown to us to this day. Frinkiac has reminded us of a bunch of classic eps, so check out 11 of our favourite musical guests below.

For now though, let us celebrate our new find with the adding of chocolate to milk.

11 Of Our Favourite Musical Cameos On The Simpsons


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